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The Power of Video

Online video is incredibly effective at selling, explaining and education. It can also be an extraordinarily powerful SEO tool. Recent Forrester research revealed that your website can be up to 45 times more readily found if you feature video on your home page and yet, astonishingly, under 5% of websites currently feature video.
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Jargon… Today the world is full of it and the web and IT industry excel at coming up with new and ever more confusing terms… Here’s a guide to some of the more useful terms in plan English.

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THE WEB ….  an overview for business

The web has fundamentally changed business……. forever!

A small company can now really compete on equal terms with large global competitors. A local  business can become a national business. Servicing  customer online 24*7 is now easy. Online and virtual  outsourcing can cut overheads as you “buy” expertise as required….

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Watch out for:

1) Cell phones: The smart phone will become the new credit card and will accelerate the growth of micro charging. Already we are seeing this in areas such as  the payment of parking meter charges. Increasingly  online content will be delivered to hand held devices…

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For a website to be effective it has to work!

The first rule is to provide good relevant content. Content is king!

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Today your business or organisation needs an online strategy.

The web has come of age as a business tool. One thing is certain if you don’t have a strategy your competitor or worse still  a new entrant to the market may have a strategy that could have a big adverse impact on your business.

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China Impressions
I have had the pleasure of spending 2 weeks in China on business . While I have been lucky enough in the past to have travelled throughout Asia and a lot of the world in my travel industry days this was my first real visit to mainland China and it was an amazing and unforgettable experience.

My visit was to learn more about Technoform a global leader in the window industry with manufacturing plants in China, Japan and Hong Kong and in fact around the world. I am working with Technoform helping them launch their world leading technology in the Fenestration (window industry) to the Australasian industry.

I thought some of you may enjoy reading some my thoughts and impressions about the opportunities in China as no doubt in the future China will play an even bigger part in the world and in all our lives….

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