We have a number of products that can help you with your online marketing strategy and client communication programme.


Mytraca is the intelligent tag that is attached to any mobile item,key rings, luggage, sports gear, electronics etc.  and in the event of loss helps reunite the owner with their lost article. It also offers very strong branding options  and makes an ideal giveaway or fundraising item.

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101 best tips

The library of tip books on various topics each written by an expert in the field. With 15 books currently this  library continues to grow. Topics covered range from business (small business tips, social media, retail) to sports  and hobbies (travel, boating, scrapbooking, weddings) through personal interest (selling your home, job seeking, public speaking, weight loss) There is something to meet most interests.

These tip books can be “whitelabeled” featuring your logo brand and product information. They then make an affordable, effective but much appreciated giveaway.

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Online video is a great way to inform and to sell. Using your iphone or ipad (or other smart phone) we show you in very simple easy to follow lessons just how easy it is to shoot great video (with captions, and sound) and to set up and optimise your own You Tube channel. You Tube is now the world’s second largest search engine and  video can greatly enhance your online search results. Use video to set up a video blog, present your companies  “elevator speech” or to sell or explain your product or service in a memorable and effective manner. We show you the tricks and pitfalls
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As a business owner (or company director) you are exposed to a range of risks you may not even be aware of.

This can range from health and safety, security and fraud, financial and accounting, information technology,  human resources, governance and ownership, business continuation etc. Our affordable, online Risk assessment  tool asks you to answer a series of questions about various aspects of your business and gives you a rating  out of a possible 100 on each area. It also gives you a rating against industry norms and our resulting report  graphically highlights areas of exposure that need addressing.

You then can put strategies in place to address these areas of concern.

This product (especially the short sampler tool) is ideal for accountants, business consultants, insurance agents,  lawyers , business sales consultants, supply chain mangers , a service that you can offer your clients as a  possible “door opener” for future business.

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Ebook Publishing

We publish flip page eBooks.

If you are an author or produce brochures, catalogues, training material, operations manuals etc we can turn  your copy into attractive online ebook’s with the look and feel of paper. These are easily updated, can contain  video or live hyperlinks to additional material and best of all provide an “unlimited” print run with no hardcopy  postage or distribution costs.

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