If there is someone in my life and business that I cannot recommend highly enough it is my good friend and business Coach Les Probert.

Les has a huge background in business and is always able to give the right piece of wisdom and insight exactly when you need to hear it. In saying that, he is also prepared use his boot and give you a big kick in the backside, telling you exactly what you need to hear, not what you WANT to hear.

Since working with Les I have launched 2 businesses that I am incredibly passionate about and cannot imagine my life in business without him by my side.

I have now been working with Les for over 2 years and would recommend his service to anybody in business, because our business can always be taken to another level!

Thanks so much Les!

Tommy Bellman, Owner
Tomfit Gym and Mantastic Life

“Les Probert has become an essential part of our business. Within the first few meetings with Les, he had not only identified key issues for us to work on, but had developed a comprehensive, action based plan on exactly HOW to do this.

His help and mentorship has been invaluable to us – and we have really appreciated his ‘straight-talking’, action focused method of assistance. We have no hesitation in recommending Les to any SME business owner looking to grow and improve their business”

Maree Griffin, Director
Studio Eleven Ltd

” Les Probert is a Management Consultant – I’ve always found his advice to be sensible, realistic and well- considered and this makes him the ideal Partner to assist small-to-medium businesses to develop their business plan.

Management Consulting requires both lateral and creative thinking combined with a very disciplined approach. Les has an “easy-to-get-along-with” personality plus an uncanny way of making his clients think deeply about the difficult issues their business might be facing.

He uses a set of business planning models and procedures which are unique to Thexton Armstrong.

These tools are very helpful and Les is excellent at co-ordinating their use for his clients so the end result is a business plan that is both simple and effective ”

Randal Dobbs, Owner
Framework Marketing Group,
April, 2014

“I have worked with Les Probert on a number of shared clients and he is very knowledgeable, practical and uncomplicated.

He reads situations very well and works really hard to deliver tangible value specific to each client. Les has given me advice about how to improve my business also and I can say first hand the assistance he gives his clients is absolutely bankable.”

Mark Collins, Managing Director ,
Mark Collins NZ Ltd


Subject: RE: Thank you

On behalf of all of us, thank you very, very much for such a wonderful presentation. The unanimous consensus was that, while all our speakers were excellent, you were the highlight of the meeting. Your knowledge, expertise and manner of presentation were outstanding. Simple basic messages, a lot of which we had heard but forgotten, made your presentation special.

We would be absolutely delighted to have you return for our October meeting. The dates are Monday and Tuesday 20 & 21 October, again at the Amora Hotel.

You’re a bloody beauty Les!


Vern Mardon
Liberty Group


“Les is an “ideas” man, he can immediately identify marketing opportunities using online technologies. He is endlessly positive and can offer solutions to apparent difficulties. His advice is independent and he suggested enhancements to make for better outcomes”

Kevin Blackford, Publisher of tabsontravel.co.nz

“Les Probert of ePromotionz is personable and he understands the needs of his clients. His suggestions and ideas are very practical to our business. He understand his client’s needs as opposed to selling an already packaged solution. He offers good competitive pricing and he always offers good prompt service plus he’s a Kiwi!”

Jeff Hakim, Managing Director
Travelpartners Sydney

“Les Takes the time to understand your business and what you are trying achieve before offering solutions.

He certainly knows the online market, and thinks outside the square to deliver excellent options and is always prompt in delivering solutions and very reasonable in terms of pricing. He offered Top quality online solutions that worked for our company”

Chris Jones, Owner
Discover the world marketing NZ

“I love working with Les, he’s certainly got great knowledge about all internet matters. He’s a one stop shop, He’s practical and very cost efficient . He has a great personality, so a pleasure to work with. Once he gives me a cost he sticks to it. After now working with him on a few projects I now know he gets it done and gets it done well which takes all the stress out of the job..He gives great advice and to the point. I love that he works with like-minded people who he can call on to give expert advice to assist in projects and assignments ..very, very useful. Try him –  you won’t be disappointed”

Jim Doherty,
Usana Health Products/Social Outbreak

“I enjoy working with Les due to his ideas, enthusiasm and the way he constantly thinks “outside the square” He has given me workable and cost effective solutions for my business and has encouraged me to ook outside my perceived boundaries… plus he’s a good bloke!”

Mike Hogan, Managing Director
Hogan and Associates