Innovate or die…

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The world is changing very quickly and along with it we all have to change as well…
Kiwis though have always been innovators and some of the more quirky past innovations include…

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a quote for start ups

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A friend has a great saying that is particularly true in the start up phase

“You cant outsource your push ups”

In other words there is some hard stuff you just have to do yourself

The 3 critical questions to ask staff

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According to Mark Powell the CEO of the Warehouse Group 3 critical questions to ask your staff are….
1) What are we doing well?
2) What could we do better?
3) How can we help?

Here’s a question? How would your own staff reply to these 3 simple but profound questions.Think you know… now go and ask!

p.s. Business Tips, News and Views – June 2015

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Do you speak Dragon? I have started to and love it!

Dragon Naturally Speaking is voice recognition software that is used by businesses of all sizes that allows users to dictate documents, produce emails, search the web and much more just by using your voice. With a 99% accuracy and user friendly applications, Dragon Naturally speaking can be used by anyone. I use it in my business and as a “fast” two fingered typist it’s now making a HUGE difference to my productivity.

Available for just over $200 (including the headphone and mic at www.pbtech.co.nz)

Video of the month

Hard day at the office? Now here’s a real challenge the opportunity to climb Mt Everest and just what it takes to get there.

Quote of the Month

“If you try to do something and fail, you are vastly better off than if you had tried nothing and succeeded.”

Published on Amazon …..

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Where’s your icecream cone?

Think different…….
So often in business we look for the BIG breakthrough when often the key to success is something much simpler and in retrospect so obvious. As examples the modern flush toilet was introduced in 1775 but it wasn’t until 1875 someone thought up loo paper. Icecream has been around since 200BC but the icecream cone wasn’t invented until 3900 years later! We have eaten meat and bread for thousands of years but no one thought to make a sandwich until 1762!

SO think about the obvious …. Where’s the icecream cone in your business

Who said print is dead!

This is brilliant. A reminder from IKEA that print still has a lot to offer!

Business Vision

Recently I came across the simple but succinct set of values for successful food manufacturer and exporter Silverdale based Dad’s Pies. The key to any successful communication is to keep it understandable and simple and this is a great example :

This is the way we always  do things around here consistently and competently

We are always honest in all our dealings with customers and  each other

We believe by being proactive and helping others they will in return support  us

We always take personal responsibility to fix it and improve it

Take action don’t wait to be told what to do

Could these simple truths work for  your business?

Tip of the month

“Marketing is the single most important investment you can make because it’s fundamental to connecting what you do with your customers. Branding today is more about what you do than what you say. Kotler  once said in the 80’s it was ready , aim fire in the 90’s it was ready, fire, aim and today its fire, fire fire!”

Randal Dobbs ….. author of 101 best marketing tips see www.101besttips.com for more

Meet a client

Kiwi Schools

Kiwi schools are specialist’s in helping schools , mostly primary and intermediate schools , with their website building and maintenance. They offer a range of attractive website designs specially tailored to the needs of school.

They are experts in this space and have been building school websites for over 10 years now. Their easy to use CMS allows schools to update and control their website. This includes images and videos, parent communication, a mobile friendly platform the promotion of their school to the wider community and much more.

Kiwi schools are also now working with teachers and are helping really change the way students are taught using the amazing Googles Apps for Education (GAFE) programme integrated with teachers dashboard a planning and management system.

All these facilities live in the cloud accessible anywhere anytime. It’s an exciting new world for education and you can see more at http://www.learninginthecloud.co.nz/inspiration

If you have children and are interested in learning there is also a brilliant and amusing TED TALK video on the site by English professor Ken Robinson (with over 1m downloads) entitled “How to escape educations death valley”

Why you still need a trust ….. Seminar series

My clients progressive accounting practice Accountabilitynet are running series of seminars of interest to their clients and the wider business community. The next seminar is around Trusts and why you should consider a trust to protect your future. This seminar will be presented by Stephen Diedericks a qualified lawyer and senior accountant in the practice and will answer all your questions.

When: Tuesday 30 June 7.30 -8.30
Where: Sunnynnok Community Centre (Cnr Sunnynook Rd and Sycamore Drive Sunnynook)
Cost : Gold coin donation to Nepal earthquake relief
RSVP patsy@accountabilitynet.co.nz or ph 477 2400

This is from a planned regular series of seminars with future seminars planned around taxation, exiting your business and taxation. You can register your interest to be notified of up coming seminars by emailing patsy@accountabilitynet.co.nz


Below is a link to a free download of a very useful ideas book to help your business and promotional activity, its book 2 in the Smart Marketing series packed full of practical useable information www.ebooksnzonline.com/smart2/

What we do….

We help with web and marketing strategy (via ePromotionz) and business advice and coaching (via Thexton Armstrong Probert) . We bring an independent, unbiased perspective to your business, we hold you accountable in working towards your goals of growth , profitability and success both personally and in business.

Would you like a confidential no obligation chat on how I might be able to assist you and your business to become more successful, more profitable and more valuable. OR perhaps you have a friend or colleague in business who may benefit from some help (referrals are welcome and rewarded) ….. simply call Les Probert at Thexton Armstrong Probert on 021 283 3773 and let’s meet. The coffees on me.

Contact details

Thexton Armstrong Probert and ePromotionz Ltd
Building F Level 1, 27-29 William Pickering Drive Albany
PO Box 302 683 North Harbour Auckland 0751 NZ
PH 021 283 3773
email les.probert@thextonarmstrong.co.nz

Look up

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A video that really has gone viral (over 40m views) and with good reason. It graphically illustrates how in an increasing online world we can so easily forget ultimately it’s about personal contact.


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1) SEARCH.. Changed forever in Jan 2012 with  Google+ … Google worked in the past as more people pointed to your site the higher you ranked. GOOGLE + is effectively Google itself. While still relatively slow to take off, Google + will be a huge future trend.  Build your Google+ presence NOW.

2) MOBILE … By 2013, half of world’s Internet searches will be via mobile devices. 3 Ferraris are sold on eBay mobile every month! Yet only 1 in 5 websites are set up for mobile phones. Paid ads can be very valuable on your mobile and are currently “cheap as chips” and you can show up first. Mobile ads can be placed within your Adwords account. “Click to call” your phone number can be included in your ad. Consider building a simple mobile website configured for smart phone viewing, even if it’s just your contact info,  keep it simple initially.

3) VIDEO… 95% of online videos are watched on YouTube. 60 hours of content is uploaded every minute. 65% of senior decision makers view a company’s video. Video helps you get ranked, in some cases you are up to 50 times more likely to rank in page searches if you have video on your home page.

4) FACEBOOK… A long term marketing strategy, so your customers can answer about you. I am about…. Facebook is like a coffee shop conversation, talk with them not to them. Simple who’s going to win on the weekend, cats or dogs. On the left side talk to them it’s about customer care. CHAT. CARE. On the right side, FIND and REMIND. Use ads to find new clients, remind existing clients. Very low cost. See who likes your competitors and target them with your ads.

5) REMARKETING… Someone visits  your site and shows some interest (97% simply visit and leave). Using remarketing techniques, these visitors are tagged then can effectively be “stalked“ as they browse the web. Remarketing places your special ads in front on them (as they browse) to encourage them to come back to your site and buy. It’s an invisible list (you don’t know them, they don’t know you, but Google does and can track them via a cookie). With remarketing, you should have a range of different ads and you can limit how many times an individual can see your ads in a day (no more than 3 times) and you can set a number of days to follow them. Very targeted promotion.

Options for remarketing to visitors
1) Everyone who visits your site
2) Someone who showed real interest ( eg shopping cart abandoners)
3) Took an action (eg people who filled out an opt in)

Only 22% of web browsers regularly clear cookies, but if they do, this eliminates remarketing.
You can run multiple campaigns for different visitors and can also “split test”.

The power of social media

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A really interesting video on the amazing growth of Social media can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIFYPQjYhv8    Facebook  if it was a country would be the world’s third largest and YouTube is now the world’s second biggest search engine. Now businesses as opposed to individuals are beginning to discover the real power of viral marketing using Social media. This is now a growing part of the marketing mix a great way to interact with customers and potential customers. To learn about and join the social revolution in an easily affordable way visit www.socialoutbreak.com/webman


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I just love the following clip that really illustrates the power of words in changing perceptions and actions. With over 10 million downloads this is a brilliant clip with an important message


In today’s world the web and social media are all about providing content and material that your visitors will find interesting and relevant to them. Words are all powerful and important and when your message   can be reinforced with a visual image such as the clip above so much the better. There are many clips available on video sites such as YouTube that are relevant to your business and your organisation that can make your website, your newsletters and your customer communication so much more interesting

Why it pays to never seriously upset your customers

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Today social media and a networked world mean that when things go wrong for a company they can really go wrong! United Airlines managed to break  musicians Dave Carroll’s favourite guitar. After writing in and complaining and getting no satisfaction Dave wrote a very amusing and catchy song about his issues with United Airlines and posted  it  to You Tube. Over 11,000,000 views (and still growing) this is a great example of customer power…….


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